Basket Weave Tile Ideas for Shower, Bathroom, Kitchen (2021)

June 29,2021

Basket Weave Tile Ideas for Shower, Bathroom, Kitchen (2021)

Basket weave tiles are perfect options for bathroom, kitchen, and shower decoration. Be it wall, floor, or backsplashes. This blog presents the latest 2021 interior design ideas of basket weave tiles, breaking it down to two sections: Bathroom, Kitchen.


Basket Weave Tiles


Before we begin, we should understrand: what are basket weave tiles? Basket weave tiles are mosaic tiles that look like basket weave. Small rectangular tiles and square tiles are put together to create a basket-weave like visual effect. The pattern is most simple, but never goes out of style. Like this:


Basket Weave Tile Pattern


Bathroom Ideas

Basket Weave Bathroom


Basket Weave BathroomSource: Amazon



Elegant Gray Master Bathroom


We love this traditional master bathroom with gray grass cloth, basket-weave tile and soaker bathtub.



Elegant Gray Master Bathroom

Source: HGTV



Traditional Bathroom With Timeless Touches

"Black and white basket weave tile floors and a marble tile backsplash create a classic, timeless aesthetic in this pool house bathroom. A furniture-style vanity adds warmth to the space. "


Source: HGTV



Basket Weave Tiles with Border


Borders make the basket weave pattern more afloat and vivid. It protudes the pattern, as is the bassket weave are 3D.


Basket Weave with BorderSource: Pinterest



Bule Wall Stylish Bathroom Idea


Blue walls and white tiles make the bathroom look bright and light. It can sooth your nerve while taking a shower.


Blue Wall Bathroom

Source: +100 Modern Bathroom Ideas



Basket Weave Bathroom Walls


Basket weave tiles are not only for floors but also for walls


Basket Weave Wall

Source: LMP Home


Small Bath Cabinet Burnished Steel with Marble Basket Weave FLoors


Sometimes curtain can be a good idea.


Source: decorpad


Kitchen Ideas

Now, let's shift gears to some kitchen ideas. It's brillant to apply basket weave tiles to kitchens for backsplashes and floors. Let's find out why:



Basket Weave Wall


Basket Weave BacksplashSource: houzz



Range Backsplash


Range Backsplash

Source: Callier and Thompson



Trendy Tard Basket Weave Backsplash


Trendy Tard Kitchen Idea

Source: Trendy Trad


Thank you for viewing. That sums up basically what basket weave tiles are for and how they can renovate your house in a stylish and elegant way.